When I was preggers…I got some really bad advice.  Here is my straight forward, no holds barred advice: (note…I am not a lactation consultant nor do I play one on TV)

  1. It’s not as easy as they say it is and sometimes it sucks (no pun intended) – I had a lactation consultant help me learn the right positions, how to hold the baby, and ways to boost my milk production. Give yourself some time and definitely reach out for help when you need it. Sometimes a simple adjustment is all you need to make feeding times more enjoyable.
  2. Do not buy the popular Boppee pillow. The “My Breast Friend” is SO much better.  I know it’s a cheesy name, but I found that it offered more support for me and the baby and was way more comfortable. Better to buy the one you will want from the start then end up with both (trust me…I would know).
  3. Mother’s Milk Tea is great to help boost milk production. I found it at my local grocery but I got a better deal at Amazon.  I’m not much of a hot tea person, but i got used to it and it also helped me to get more liquid in my body since I’m not much of a fan drinking a lot of water.
  4. Sore nipples.  Ever had them?  I hadn’t!  Lanolin is a lifesaver for sore nipples. Until both you and baby figure out how to do this breastfeeding thing, you may have sore nipples. Lanolin is soothing and it safe for the baby.
  5. Check to see if you’re insurance will pay for a breast pump. Mine did and I needed up with a great Medela breast pump that I used for both my babies. The brand may vary due to insurance, but free is free and something is better than nothing!

Again…remember this is a personal choice but if you are going to breast feed your baby…make it easy on yourself!